Whatever your reason is for not wanting to shop retail during this crazy time, we are here to help. Browse our website for ideas! Plan to relax with a good magazine, book, or cigar...or maybe all three! 


Call or email us with your requests. We are happy to deliver your order curbside in front of our store. 



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From Lynn in Oconto:

    "Thanks a million to the great lady who picked out the puzzle books for me this morning.  I can’t tell you how much this means to me. And she picked out exactly what I would have chosen.

    I’ve been depending on Bosses for so many years for puzzle books as well as specialty magazines, how-to books,  and so much more. It has certainly been true in these trying times that it is the locally owned, small businesses we can count on to help us get through.

    And just so you know, I live 30 miles from Green Bay and consider the drive well worth it to get such kind and thoughtful care. Thank you again!

    Bosse's has always held a place in my heart. Going in to your store is like a visit to “old Green Bay” and revisiting all that made it wonderful. Hope to see you soon. And here’s hoping I can soon browse the store again."  

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