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One-hundred and twenty-four years ago, in 1898, Joe Bosse started a newsstand, tobacco shop, and a newspaper and magazine distribution business on the corner of Cherry & Adams Street in downtown Green Bay.  He hired 12-year old Norman Liebert to work for him as a paperboy in 1922.  Norman took over the business when Joe died in 1943. Norm's son, Steve, started helping at the store at a very young age in the 1950s, and took over the 
business when his father retired in his 80s. Steve is still very active in the business, along with his daughter Lisa and son-in-law Steven.  The business has been in the Liebert family ever since.  
Painting by Carolyn Barnard
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In 1981, with the redevelopment of downtown Green Bay, Bosse's was relocated 1/2 block west to its present location at 220 Cherry St. This downtown store has become a tradition in Green Bay for many generations of families.  It's an old fashion newsstand that still caters to the public in an old fashion way.  

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